Summer Checklist!

It’s true, Summer officially starts this Sunday, but to many of you and myself, Summer starts when classes end.. which was about a month ago if you’re in college. And if you’re anything like me, the past month has been dedicated to catching up sleep and tanning. My summer checklist is now on my mind and is ready to be checked off. So if you haven’t gotten your summer musts haves yet either, here is a list of mine! And yes, I might have gotten some title inspo from the Wildfox Pullover.

Scallop Bikini Marysia Swim Wildfox Pullover Miguelina Cicely Romper Missoni Mare Metallic Knit Headband Erlina Schutz Shoes Wildfox Winona sunglasses Chloe Marcie mini leather Cross-body

1 // Marysia Swim scallop Bikini
2 // Wildfox Pullover
3 // Miguelina Cicely Romper
4 // Missoni Mare Metallic Knit Headband
5 // Erlina Schutz Shoes
6 // Wildfox Winona Sunglasses
7 // Chloe Marcie mini leather Cross-body


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