Purchase of the day: Schutz ‘Toor’ Flats *Update 

Working at BCBG can really be a pain in my..feet, like actually. Yes, it’s fun to get dressed up for work but running around and climbing the stock room ladders in heels, for 5-7 hours, can really be the worst sometimes.  Our dress code is pretty strict but they do allow flats when it’s not too busy. So when I spotted these Schutz flats I knew I had to have them. They’re perfect for work but also for everyday wear. 

*Update! I ordered the 6.5 but will be returning for a 6. The pointed toe went out a little farther than I thought. Therefore it fit a little too big.   Schutz Toor Flats ($150.00) 

Want to shop for a similar pair for less? Below are some options with a prettier price tag! 


1 // Asos Lana Lace-Up Ballet Flats -Also available in black ($51.00)                                      

2 // (top-right) Topshop ‘Finest Ghillie’ Lace-Up Pointy Toe Flat ($45.00) 

3 // (bottom-right) Jeffrey Campbell ‘Atrium’ Lace-Up Flat ($129.95) 




11 thoughts on “Purchase of the day: Schutz ‘Toor’ Flats *Update 

    1. Thanks! Mine just came today and I’m in love but if your ordering a pair from Schutz, my suggestion is to go down a size bc the pointed toe goes pretty far out which makes a lot of space in the shoe!

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