Inspiring Interiors: Summer luxe living ft. Jonathan Adler 

 I know I planned on writing interior design posts on Furnished Friday’s only but I saw this photo on a decor website and had to write about it!

 I’ve always been inspired by a room with a black, white, and gold color scheme. Something about this color blend just screams class, creativity, and chic-ness. Right when I saw this room I went on my fave designer’s website. Guess who? Jonathan Adler. He is an interior designer but he is so beyond great at every aspect of interior design that he has made himself into a lifestyle brand. From his furniture to his game boards, he brings glam and boldness to each piece. Check out what items I chose from his site for my living room mood board! 

Other pieces worth mentioning are these armchairs I’ve picked out. How fab? Right when I saw them I instantly knew they would be the room’s main focus. This helped me tie the room’s decor together and it made the whole process of finding pieces to match much easier. 

1 // Jonathan Adler Zebra Pop Throw Pillow ($125) 

2 // Minka Lavery Accents Provence 5 Light Chandelier ($346.40) 

3 // Society Social Sedgewick Bar Cart ($625.00) 

4 // Pottery Barn Carlisle Upholstered Sofa ($1,275-$2,799) 

5 // Safavieh Maurice Coffee Table ($284.95) 

6 // Jonathan Adler Chess Set ($795) 

7 // Sally Sirkin Lewis Chateau Fauteuils Armchairs  -A set of two ($1,795) 

8 // Jennifer Synder-Philips- Claude & Julian Featured on Jonathan Alder’s site ($2,000)

Let me know what you think!




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