Fall Trend: Layer up with Gold

 My current obsession? Layering dainty gold necklaces. Make a statement not with one necklace but with 3-5 of them! Below are some of my favorite pieces that I feel are perf for layering!  

1 // Jennifer Zuener Avery Necklace $232.00

I have this necklace and I wear it almost daily. It has a diamond on the vertical bar and the letters/symbols are made of gold vermeil. The one I bought says I (the vertical bar), love (the heart), and a U. Zuener gives you the option to personalize this piece by letting you choose up to 5 letters that come after the heart to create your own meaning for the necklace. 


2 // Jewels by Durrani Geo Evil Eye Necklace $80.00
Similar to one of Jennifer Zueners evil eye necklaces but cheaper. Dash doll, Durrani Popal created a line of affordable dainty necklaces that I am in love with. Follow her jewelry line on Instagram and you’ll see what I am taking about! Jewelsbydurrani


3 // Dash Online- Shy by Sydney Evan Blessed Necklace $110.00
This is my top fave necklace right now. I’m planning on buying multiple Sydney Evan necklaces and wearing them all at once! When it comes to delicate necklaces, I say “more is more”.

  4 // Jennifer Miller Triangle Necklace $125.00
Create a diverse set of layered necklaces by adding shapes such as this faux pave diamond triangle necklace. 

Do you know of any brands or designers that create dainty necklaces that are perfect for layering? Feel free to comment below and let us know!




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