Feel like you are in a fashion rut? If you do, 1. I feel your pain and 2. I may have found the cure!

Stopped into Mixology on Monday and spotted my new statement piece for the season which was a suede cropped navy blue moto jacket. This jacket is from BlankNYC and if you don’t know about this brand well then you’re just buying your moto jackets from all the wrong places because this brand gets it right every single time! The importance of this jacket isn’t just because it’s my new spring jacket but because it was and still is a challenging piece to style. “All I wear is black”- said every fashion girl ever. So my problem was trying to style this jacket with more than just my everyday go-to all black outfit. As a result, I found myself falling in love with fashion all over again. I am constantly researching trends and fashion pieces that I would have never considered but now want to buy because of this gorg jacket. Liana Tafuri in sneakers? Yes I actually considered it for this jacket but I compromised with myself and purchased white slip-on sneakers (image of shoes shown below). I also routinely wear black jeans and now this jacket has made me venture out and buy a variety of blue denim jeans as well as search for the ones I’ve had hidden in the back of my closet. So my cure for a fashion rut? Buy a fashion item that is out of your comfort zone!

My two purchases:
Mixology BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket

 Steve Madden Ellias Slip-on Sneakers



Ever bought an item that sparked your passion for fashion again? Comment below and lmk about it!

Cover photo (Fashion Blogger Sarah Styles Seattle)


16 thoughts on “#Fashiongirlsprobs

  1. I totally agree with you! i sometimes get so stuck in my natural colors, i feel stagnant! Adding a curveball is always the cure! love your blog! I just started mine and would love some feedback! Thank you! Dressdontguess.com 🙂

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